December 31, 2019

3 Weeks Post Op

December 30th 2019

Feeling fabulous! Following everything the doc and nutritionist is telling me!

In the gym daily. Walking on treadmill! 30 mins gentle! I’m working on closing my rings on my Apple Watch which is a bit of a struggle but I’m getting there!

I have been released to Soft Foods! Yay for Scallops and flakey fish! I have a great recipe for Italian Meatballs that I will share on my blog. My nutritionist approved! Great for portion control and protein!

I am happy! So very happy!

December 31, 2019

So I tried new stuff. I made Italian Meatballs and rolled them out to 2 ounces each. I made it easy. One ball earns me 10 protein points! Yay! I add a table of marina sauce on top to make them nice and juicy and I am totally able to stomach them! I will post the recipe below, but do not use actually chopped garlic or onion, replace it with powder so you don’t have chucks. After you pass that phase you can use the recipe as is.

Today I tried “Tuna” and my Tiny Tummy was not sure if she liked it or not! I did not get sick but I had a icky feeling. Not sure I will try it again for another week or so. So I am still eating things I could have on my last phase: refried beans, Soups, Protein Drinks, Cottage Cheese, Greek Yogurt, etc. But the meatballs really made me feel like a “big girl” LOL.

Be Careful

This week I grabbed some Muscle Milk for my protein and saw Cafe Latte. I did not realize and did not pay attention. That flavor has caffeine. I am not allowed ot have that so I had to take that lesson. I did not die and my nutritionist said no harm no foul since I only had one, but I can’t drink those until at least 6 weeks. I am not trying to return to caffeine so I will finish that when I can and not buy them again.

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