January 13, 2020

5 Weeks Post Op

Week 5 Post Op Report

What a journey! I am 5 weeks from surgery and a total of 24.4 pounds down!

I feel amazing! I’ve incorporated a ton of walking and I’m using my Apple Watch to help me along! I have closed all three of my fitness rings for 11 days straight! Ok, so I am in LOVE with my Apple Watch. I’ve had it for almost a year and I am just now tapping into it’s fitness power!

I keep on top of my protein, vitamins and biotin!

I struggle with water but I average about 50 ounces a day. I have only had one day where I had to “purge” because something did not agree with me. Tuna and my Tiny Tummy still do not agree so I’m going to leave it alone for a while!

I walk on average a little more than 3 miles a day for my exercise but manage to get in at least 13,000-17,000 steps a day depending on how my schedule goes.

I get up every hour and walk around for at least five minutes. Then if I’m watching a show I get up and walk in place during the commercials!

I meet with my doc this week for a progress report.

I have one more week before I graduate from soft foods to the final phase!

I’ve got my cookbooks ready, my food scale ready and my measuring plates ready!

I could NOT be more happy with my progress! I feel amazing and I’m grateful to have this tool!

None Scale Victory: My rings on my finger are spinning!

Blog Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash

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