April 8, 2020

Almost 4 Months And….I’m Back

This is has such a wonderful journey! I am almost four months out. I was sleeved December 9th, 2019 and I am currently 63 pounds down!

I have missed a few weeks of posting so I want to catch you up on how my journey has been. I truly have been enjoying each day and seeing the changes in my body has been such a joy.

I currently walk every single day! I walk 3 to 6 miles but on average I walk 4 miles at least four times a week and mix in other miles on the other days. I have NOT added weight training or toning as of yet but I plan to do that in the next few weeks.

As of the date of this writing (April 2, 2020) we are under “Stay-At-Home” orders due to the Coronavirus. Our daily norms are no longer “the norm”. We are allowed to go outside to exercise, but as of April 1st, 2020 our major as asked us all to wear something over our mouths and noses.

I still eat 3 ounces for each meal and I do my best to drink my water. OK so I’m not so good at that but I try my best. I guess if I had to say out loud one thing that I hate about all this is the darned water. I have never been a huge water drinker.

I do not depend on protein bars or drinks to reach my goal of protein intake. I only use those when I feel I must get in more protein in a day. Some days my “tiny tummy” feels tighter than others and I can only get in about 2 ounces. So on those days I mix in a bar or drink as a boost.

Finding a good protein bar that does not taste chaulky has been a journey but I finally found some that are so freaking delicious they almost feel like cheating. Want to try them and get $10 off your first order? bit.ly/builtbargoddess

I can honestly say I have liked every flavor I have tried but the brownie flavors are top notch.

I have had two doctor consults and both were positive! I am right on track with my weight loss and my blood work.

I am fascinated that I do not have cravings. NONE – ZIP – ZILCH! I remember when I had the LapBand that was not an issue either. It’s quite amazing how that goes away. I even have had very stressful days where I truly did not turn to food.

I am currently wearing a size 16 jean and they are loose! I most likely can get into a 14 but during the pandemic I don’t see the need to buy clothes. We all are just making sure that we keep good food in the house and also water. I only feel I need essentials. So clothes can be put on hold. I do keep my eyes out on websites like Poshmark so I can buy used clothes while I go down in sizes. I also love a site called www.CityChic.com! They always have sales and they have very cute clothes.

My skin is clear and bright and it’s thinning out. It has been a shock to actually see my own reflection.

Hair loss….yep I am now at the point where I a losing some hair but for me it’s not a lot. I started taking biotin as soon as decided to have the surgery. It’s important to do that! If you have not done so, please make sure you are taking it now. I take 10,000 liquid a day.

I could NOT take swallowing anymore pills so I do take chewable calcium. For whatever reason I just could not swallow calcium pills, they would get stuck in my throat!

I have not gotten sick much at all. I have figured out that “tiny tummy” does not like cauliflower or tuna. So I just stay away from those things for now. I have heard you can get sick off of something then try it again in a few months and you can tolerate it. For now, I am happy with what I am eating. And I eat a wide variety of healthy meals.

Overall I am happy happy and more HAPPY! I am enjoying my journey and new life!

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  • Congratulations on your accomplishments and progress in your life’s journey towards health.
    Krimsonbutterflies giving you big hugs.

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