January 4, 2020

Aunt Flo Visited At Surgery Time

Imagine my excitement the week of my surgery. I had made plans for doctor appointments and aftercare. Stocked my pantry, made my list and checked it twice and was ready for my world to change. Then the day right before surgery….BAM AUNT FLO decided to make a visit.

Unfortunately my periods are an absolute mess. I am pre-menopausal and I am having HORRENDOUS periods. I pretty much feel I need adult diapers to get through this really awful time each month. So there I was…panicking. Yes I know I am working with medical professionals but the thought of being on the surgery table and also flowing so heavy that the world will know it. OMG I just was beyond myself.

I arrived at the hospital at 5:30am and once I got checked in I spoke to them about being on my period. They said, oh we are use to that, we will put a pad under you. WHAT! A PAD UNDER ME! NOOOOOOO PLEASE GOD NO!

While I was getting all hooked up to IV’s and getting my shots and relaxing pills all I could think of was LORD PLEASE, I don’t want to be on my period right now. Make this STOP.

I know it’s crazy, yes I know I am working with professionals but all I could think of is after the surgery I will have to be cleaned up and will have to deal with this while recovering.

When they told me to get undressed. I left my panties on with my massive pad in the hopes that a mircale from the heaven would pour down upon me. LOL! Inside I was freaking out! Most people freak out from being under anesthesia, some freak out over the surgery procedure….ME…I was freaked out over my damn period!

My wonderful anesthesiologist came in and was doing her consult with me and I told her about Aunt Flo and she said, oh well, we got this, we will take care of you. Yes a good answer but not the answer I wanted. LOL

Next up was my surgical assistant. She went through her list of questions and guidance and then I told her about the TERRIBLE visitor. “Um, I’m on my period and I do not want to take my panties off”….THE GATES OF HEAVEN OPENED AND SHE SAID….NO problem! Keep them on, we have no need to do anywhere down there! Keep you pad on and you will be fine. We will just roll your panties down out of the way! WHEW, I wanted to get up out of that bed and kiss her face!

After surgery when I was allowed to walk I was able to change my OWN pad and take care of myself. Nurses, I know you are use to this but some things a girl wants to do on her own! And even though I was worried that I would have a worse and longer flow because of the blood thinners, the period fairies had mercy upon my womb!

I see this topic a lot in the Weight Loss Surgery forums and threads, some ladies have it much harder than I did and others didn’t have a period but I felt it was important to discuss my journey with you. When you decide to do this, you want to know EVERYTHING.

I hope my journey gave you a laugh and eased you for your process. It’s not the end of the world. It may be uncomfortable but you ARE working with professionals and who cares about a little “period” when your whole life is gonna change into a new healthy flower?

In just two days I will be four weeks out from my surgery and I’m sure Aunt Flow will be here again but at least I won’t be on the surgical table! LOL But to be honest I will be fine if she decides not to visit for a long time!

Enjoy your journey, it’s beautiful on this side of the rainbow!

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

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