November 21, 2019

Cost Of My Surgery

Thursday, November 19, 2019

Well, I paid everybody today. I thought I’d share the breakdown of the cost of my surgery.

I’m getting my Gastric Sleeve done in Denver, Colorado. I am a self pay patient.

Here is the breakdown….
Hospital $7,000
Doctor $4,500
Surgical Assistant $400
Anesthesiologist $800

Total for Procedure $12,700

Extra Costs….
Flight to Denver $130
Hotel Room for 9 days (going early to have labs and consults done) $360
Uber Expenses Extimate: $150 tops
Groceries for Pre-Op and Post Op: $100 or less

I am blessed that I can pay for this myself and I am grateful for not having to jump through the insurance hoops.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash


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