January 2, 2020

Dragon Breath

Let’s address the dragon in the room! I have never suffered from bad breath! Oh of course I have when I’ve eaten onions or garlic, etc, but not on the regular.

My loving husband told me I have had bad breath since surgery and I was horrified. A proper lady should never OFFEND! So I started grabbing the breath sprays. Listerine works good but I was really freaking out. Since I know don’t know when it’s bad I do not want to be all up in people’s faces with a dragon ready to attack their faces.

Years a go I got some “Breath Assure” tablets for a friend who loved them but then they became hard to obtain and went through some marketing issues. I was hoping to find them again. No luck.

But I did find something that has really been helping me! They are called “Breath Pearls”! It’s the same concept at Breath Assure.

They are tiny little pearl drops that you can handle swallowing that help to freshen your breath and sooth your tummy, so they work from within. I take one in the morning and I don’t have issues during the day. I do still use the Listerine spray after I eat just in case.

They contain Peppermint Oil and Parsley Seed Oil. All natural.

They had mixed reviews on Amazon but they do work for me which I am happy about!

They come in a 50 count bottle and cost about $11. Which is worth it for me because I REFUSE to be that person you want to run away from! LOL

So here is here you can get them! Hope this helps someone!

Try the 50 count first then you can see if you want to order the bigger bottles.

Photo by Augustine Fou on Unsplash

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