January 7, 2020

Four Weeks Post Op Update

It’s time for a progress update!

Today is officially four weeks post-op! I was sleeved on Dec. 9, 2019.

This is been an easy journey for me. Today I weighed and I am officially 21 pounds down. It is amazing how 21 pounds can affect your body. Before surgery my right knee would hurt, my feet would swell and I would be so exhausted from doing simple things.

With 21 pounds down, my knee is just fine, I am walking every day and closing my Rings on my Apple Watch, and I have more energy than when I weighed 270 pounds and my feet are feeling just fine. My clothes fit better and I FEEL BETTER ABOUT ME!

I am on the soft food phase for another two weeks. I have been able to tolerate a lot of foods but TUNA. “Tiny Tummy” (that’s her name) does not like it. I’ve tried it twice and each time she kicked me pretty hard. I did not throw up but it sat like a rock and it was extremely uncomfortable. I started with one ounce but she was not having it!

I do not let the scale dictate me. I only weigh once a week. .

I am still standing firm regarding keeping this surgery a close secret with only 5 family members. When I had the lapband and it failed I had too much drama with people who said they supported me then the truth came out. I choose to stay in my happy place. .

This is hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not. You put in the work and your rewards will come. I have a long journey but I am sticking to it. My head is in the right place and I am going to use this tool to the best of my ability.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

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