April 28, 2020

I Am Not My Hair!

One of the things you will find when you begin your research on weight loss surgery is many start to lose their hair! It can be traumatic for many and a fear for those who are entering into this life.

First let me say….I have A LOT OF HAIR! A ton of it and I always have. I am blessed to not have gray that most ladies try to hide and cover and my hair has never been a lot of work. I pretty much wash and go and have done that for years.

Once you have decided to walk down this fabulous road you will face this topic. So I want to share my experience with you.

In about my 3 1/2 month after surgery I noticed my brush started to be FULL of hair after washing and after daily grooming. I started to track it. Everyday it was a palm full of hair that was shedding. Even tho I have a lot of hair and I thought I would not freak out….I freaked out. (LOL) I had heard all of the talk about it so even before I had my surgery date on the books, I immediately started taking BIOTIN. I took a liquid that has 12,500 MCG and just knew I would not have an issues. After all, I did not really have this problem when I had my Lap-Band in 2009. Well, every surgery is different and every body is different and I guess I am proof of that.

What causes this? Well most say it’s because of the anesthesia that causes this issue. But I believe it’s a combination of things that our body has been put thru. This is my OWN personal opinion! We put our bodies through a lot during our surgery, we don’t take in a lot of calories, and we depend on vitamins to help us supplement out nutrition. This is different and our bodies respond accordingly.

If you would like to read more about other issues that may cause hair loss please visit this great article. https://www.advancedsurgicalnj.com/bariatric-surgery/after-bariatric-surgery/hair-loss.php

My suggestions if this is a worry for you is to start taking biotin NOW, it does not matter where you are in this journey. You can be pre-op or post-op. Then make sure you buy a great Biotin/Collagen shampoo and conditioner to help combat the issue. Also pick up a great protein/collagen supplement. START NOW! Don’t wait, I truly believe if I did not start early my hair loss would have been a lot worse!

This can be a scary thing but I must stress to you, the fear of hair-loss should never be the reason you stop yourself from the joy of this journey to health! It’s a little inconvenience, but you gain so much joy with your new body.

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