January 13, 2020

I Love My Scale

Who entitles a blog post “I Love My Scale?” Usually people are ready to throw them out the door!

Let’s face it, we love our scales when the numbers are going down and we are seeing progress from our hard work. YES HARD WORK! Weight loss surgery is not an easy way out…Don’t like what I said…FIGHT ME!

When I decided to schedule my surgery I wanted a good scale that was modern and had some fancy whistles. I did not need all the body fat calculators but I did want a good digital scale that was thin and could also communicate with my phone.

I also wanted it to fit into my budget. So off to Amazon I went! I found that the RENPHO was a perfect fit. It’s black, thin, digital and it can communicate with my phone. I do not have to look down or bend over to see the numbers. I can see it right on my phone! Then it logs it for me and shows me my progress.

It shows you your weight and BMI in both written and graph layout. I love looking at that graph go down. It’s encouraging.

I think it’s important not to get so caught up with the scale. In fact, I only weigh myself once a week. Same time, every Sunday. Ok, so that’s a bit OCDC but some things just have to be what they are! LOL

You can also add other family members so they can get a report as well.

I tossed my old fashioned spinning scale, it took up too much room and just looking at me made my stomach hurt. But if you are looking for a great affordable scale, give this one a try.

If you do want a scale that has body fat sensors, they have one as well. Right now I just don’t want to deal with that until I get closer to my goal weight.

Blog Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

*Please note I do make a tiny bit of profit from sharing my Amazon Affiliate codes. Any funds earned will be put toward any plastics that I may need in the future!

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