April 13, 2020

It Happened!

For the first time since I started this journey the scale did not move! First you panic, then you cry, then you wonder what the hell you did wrong.

Then you….BREATHE!

Sometimes the scale doesn’t move and it does not necessarily mean you did anything wrong! I have lost 65 pounds in four months. My body has served me well and it needs a break!

So I had to go take a walk, clear my head and focus on just how far I have come!

I have had so many wins in all of this. I have learned new skills, done things I have never done, learned to listen to my body and pushed myself to exercise every single day. I have closed my rings every day since Jan 2nd. I could have closed the on Jan 1st if I would have known exactly how this watch thing worked. (LOL)

The fact of the matter is I did nothing wrong. The scale does not define me, it’s just a number.

I have lost several pant sizes, I am wearing clothes that I have had in my closet for years and I am stronger! My head and heart is in the right place. And that is a NON-SCALE VICTORY!

For that…I am grateful!

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