November 28, 2019

Last Thanksgiving UnSleeved….

Today was the last Thanksgiving that I will not be sleeved. I am actually pretty darned excited about that.

I have started switching my brain over to the new way I will be eating. We did not cook dinner at home. We went out and have a lovely Thanksgiving meal and no leftovers! That was fine with me.

I leave for Denver next week. I have started ordering things for my pantry. I got some great bone broths ready. I am liking the Kettle & Fire brand. It’s good stuff and it’s full of nutrients. I am picking up some protein drinks this week for before surgery and after surgery. Gonna try a few different brands on that. I LOVE Muscle Milk and I can have that after the surgery. Before the surgery I know I will get some ISOPure Plus Zero.

This time I am going to try something new. There is this brand called ClearFast and it’s PRETTY DAMN EXPENSIVE, but it’s made for PRE-OP on surgeries and created by an anesthesiologist. They are supposed to give you high-quality nutrition and help you recover faster. You can get two for like $12.50 on amazon. You can find it at the links below this article.

Every day gets me closer to my goal, and I feel like a nesting mother right now. Going thru reading my bariatric book over and over, checking my cabinets, stocking up for the journey. LOL

I even had to order a scarf and hat and some warm tops for my trip to Denver because it’s going to be COLD. My sister is coming for my surgery and she’s bringing me a coat so I can have it. I am also going to make a trip for Christmas to my hometown and it’s cold there too, so I will need all of that. LOL, This chick hates to be cold.

I won’t be able to keep pop cycles in my hotel room because I will have no freezer but I will have a small fridge and also a microwave. Maybe my sis will still go get me some pop cycles like she did when I was a kid!

All I know right now is, I am ready. My mind is ready, my heart is ready and I am GRATEFUL! Grateful for this journey and grateful for the opportunity to get healthy again.

I am looking forward to the future, and that is something I haven’t really done since I was unbanded in 2012! It’s time for me!

Here I come 2020 and you betta watch out!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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