December 12, 2019

Life On The Other Side…Post-OP WLS

Wow, what a journey! So far so good!

On Monday, Dec 9th, 2019 I was sleeved by Dr. Matthew Metz at Rose Medical in Denver, CO. It was a good surgery with no complications whatsoever.

I stayed one night at the hospital and they went over and beyond to make me comfy. I have been able to sip one ounce servings with no issues.

Today I see my doctor for follow up before I fly back home tomorrow morning. I have a year follow up plan with him.

I am still on a liquid diet, so lots of water, broth, jello and pop-cycles. I have a followup appointment with the nutritionist on Monday to start adding new things to the plan.

The key is listening to your doctor and doing everything they say. There is a reason they tell you to be on a clear diet before surgery. That liver needs to shrink for them to get in there and do what they need to do.

My doctor was able to make four incisions instead of six so I don’t have many wounds to heal and he used surgery glue to close them with a clear bandage over the top. I was able to shower the next day.

Here is how the day went….

Stopped all fluid intake at midnight the day of my surgery
Checked in at the hospital at 5:30am
Was taken to pre-op by 6:30am
I was weighed: 263lbs (I started at 270 but after the fluid diet you drop some)

I was poked and prodded. LOL. IV was started, blood thinner shots started, pills given for relaxation etc. Answered a LOT of questions from the check in nurse. (He talked a lot about politics which was not really OK with but I grinned and bared it)

The anesthesiologist came to greet me to walk through the procedure with me and explained what she was going to do and how things will go during the surgery. I found out she was the TOP anesthesiologist who came up with a procedure to keep WLS patients out of pain and calm when you awake. It seems when the sleeve procedure started years ago people would wake up in a lot of pain but she worked out a plan to stop that. She was HIGHLY regarded and I am blessed to have had her.

Next step my surgical assistant came in and asked questions and we chatted and laughed. She asked my family if they had any questions. I love her, her name is Allison. She was also my surgical nurse when I had the band so I felt good seeing her again.

Next, Dr. Metz came in to say hello and talk to my family then it was time to go! I don’t remember anything else after them putting my sleepy sleepy night night juice in my IV! LOL that’s some good stuff right there.

After surgery they take you to recovery. Family can’t come yet until they put you in a room. I do not remember one single thing about recovery. I just know I felt rested.

When I finally awoke in my room I had kind nurses to wake me up for more blood and shots. (LOL) Hey, it has to be done, but my family was there and and we laughed about all the things I did when I was not quite up. It seems I like to talk and laugh when I am on happy juice. They said I made all sorts of funny faces and answered questions by nodding my head a lot. I am grateful my family did not take video! That won’t come back to haunt me.

I was pretty much awake most of the day and I took catnaps. Boy, sleep is a wonderful thing. I was able to get up and use the restroom as long as I called my nurse to assist me since I was still hooked up to my IV. They measured my intake and outtake of fluids to make sure I was hydrated. (You want to start drinking ASAP)

Then we had a pre-op appointment with the nutritionist. Several people in my group had some complications. One lady ended up having the full gastric bypass instead of the sleeve. When I say some had complications I mean they were very nauseous and had trouble getting fluids down. They WILL NOT let you leave that hospital until they know for sure you can drink.

Then it was time for the doctor visit, so I took a shower, got dressed in my LOOSE fitting clothes. DO NOT BRING ANYTHING that will feel tight, your tummy will thank you. Once I saw my doctor it was time to go to the hotel.

In my next post we will discuss what happened after the hospital release and what you can expect.


  • Thanks for sharing your story. I have been contemplating this vsg vs. the Lap Band. Hope you keep it coming and best wishes on your journey!

    • Thank you so much. Just research as much as you can to make the best choice. And make sure you have a fabulous doctor.

  • hi just started following you. Are these your pictures? Glad everything went well. we are one day apart. I’m not having any trouble at all getting fluids down. I start with the 2 shakes with a little water in between. then I end the day with water. I’m glad you are doing well

    • Hi Raynae! Congrats on your surgery! I was out of town for the holiday and I’m just seeing your comment. Yes that’s my tummy. I’m healing really good! No pain. Happy to hear you can get your fluids down! We are pretty lucky about that!

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