December 31, 2019

My First Time Feeling Restriction

December 18, 2019

Today I felt my new tummy say “that’s enough”

I always hear a lot of people say they don’t feel restriction. But you have to take the time to really listen to your new tummy!

Today as I was sipping my water throughout the day I felt my stomach say “slow down a little bit!” It is a subtle feeling. It does not hurt, or at least mine didn’t. But it was nice to know that it was in place and it was doing its job!

Pace your sipping! I have been very aware of doing that and I’ve been able to get all my fluids in with no problem!

I had just had my 2 ounces of puréed soup and started to sip my water again that’s when she let me know to give her some time.

I am so happy I made the decision to do this! .

1. Listen to your body! Don’t wait until you have overdone it and you are in pain or purge!

2. Sip then sit the bottle down while your tummy takes in what you just gave it!

3. Enjoy what your sipping! If it’s yummy like soups take the time to put the spoon down. .

4. This is a new world! Take the time to explore it! Enjoy this journey!

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