December 31, 2019

My Post Op Flight Home For the Holidays SUCKED EGGS!

December 18, 2019

Flying Sucks Post Op

My flight home to Cali was horrible! It was bumpy ride and so we got no service and we could not leave our seats. I am on blood thinner shot and so I had to really pump my legs so I could keep the blood flowing. I hated to call the flight attendant but I had to so I could get some hydration going. She was kind but I was so glad to land in Cali.

Then four days later it was time to head home for the holidays. I am post-op one week so I’m on puréed foods.

TSA will not let you through the gate with any liquids. So I thought, ok you can bring your protein powder and maybe get a blended soup after you go thru security. Nope! Only chunky unhealthy soups. So I had to get a organic smoothie that meet my needs. It fit the requirements but when you are already limited then it’s a struggle.

We had a super long trip ahead of us so I’m prayed the next airport would have better selections. LOL It did not. In fact the Kansas City Airport was CLOSED! Yep they actually CLOSE at night. So we had to get a room locally but everything was closed. At least the hotel had greek yogurt for breakfast and that helped A LOT!

Nothing shook me so there was no chance of me messing up! I simply did not do it! It surely helps to have a supportive spouse.

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