December 12, 2019

Day 2 WLS Post Op

Yesterday we discussed the actually surgery day and after care, today we will take about what happens next in this journey.

Please note, everyone’s experiences will be different. This is my journey and I hope it helps you as well.

I was sent home with an order of oxygen ($100) for two nights. I am extremely glad that happened because Denver is very very dry and that oxygen really helped me out. I was given Lovenox (Blood Thinning Shots) for a full ten days. I had a blood clot in 2002 due to being stupid and not stopping to stretch during a road trip, but once you have one, doctors make sure to keep you covered on that! And don’t freak out if they give it to you because the needles are thin and you hardly feel anything, you will just have to get over giving yourself a shot.

I slept a lot the following day. I was sent home with Oxycodone for pain and Promethazine for nausea and vomiting if I needed it. (I did not need it) I did take one Oxycodone on the day I was released and one the day after. The largest incision they make to remove the stomach is the one that aches a bit and they said to stay on top of the pain.

They will ask you your pain level on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. I never got beyond a 2 level.

It’s funny how your body adjusts. You need to WALK as much as you can after surgery. So WALK so the gasses don’t build up and cause you unnecessary pain. I walk the halls of the hotel as much as possible.

You will have a bit of soreness (everyone is different)! My soreness was really nothing! The only time I have issues with a sharp pain is when I have to go pee because the toilet sits so low and if I turn the wrong way and my incisions don’t like it. LOL

So it’s the end of Day 3 and I am feeling good! I had my post-op doctors appointment today and that will be our next topic.

Interesting Tidbits and Suggestions
1. Smells bothered me after the surgery. I had to ask my son to take a shower because he had cologne on.
2. I had to ask the family not to use bathroom spray, it made me so sick to my stomach.
3. Download the “waterminder” app on your phone! Set it up to remind you to sip every 15 mins. If not that one, pick one that works! DON’T IGNORE THE REMINDERS!
4. REST! Do not try to do more than you should, your body is getting use to it’s new placement. You will feel some organs kinda shift around in your body.
5. WALK! Move around every hour or so, you will be happier and the gases from the surgery will release easier. Don’t be surprised if you burp and fart. (LOL) It happens!

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

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