December 16, 2019

One Week Post-Op!

I am sitting here in AWE of this past week. I have done well. I am able to get all my liquids in and I am not hungry and my progress is steady!

Today was my first week post-op nutritionist meeting. I have been released to the next phase! So I can look forward to sugar-free puddings, low-fat cottage cheese, creamed soups, eggwhites, humus, and pureed/refried beans. NOTHING with chunks, seeds or spicy.

In addition to that I am still to get 48 ounces of CLEAR liquids in (broth, water, decaf tea) And I am suppose to have my vitamins as well as my protein shakes! Right now I am just loving Muscle Milk. It’s 25 grams of protein per bottle. I love chocolate but I find the chocolate one seems a bit too thick for me at this phase. So I am drinking the Vanilla Creme and Banana Creme.

This morning I had 1 ounce of Kettle and Fire Butternut Squash Soup with is made with bone broth! So yummy!

I weighed myself this morning! I am 15 lbs down from my starting weight. Which is amazing, but let’s be very honest. We are on liquid diets for a while before surgery and after surgery so that contributes to that. I don’t want anyone to ever day this is a magic pill. It is NOT. Do not expect to lose 15 pounds in one week every single week! This is not a race, this is your health and that would NOT be healthy at all. Slow and steady wins the race!

I am not taking pain meds. I don’t need them. Last night I did have a few uncomfy sleeping positions so I just switched until I felt comfy. I have no issues sleeping, drinking, pooping or drinking! (I think that covers it all) LOL

I am still not able to lift anything over 10 lbs. We want that tummy healing up the proper way, so l am letting people do things for me. Hubby does the lifting and carrying. (Not that he doesn’t anyway) But we are extra careful now.

We leave for Christmas with the family this week so he will handle the luggage. I am prepared to eat what I am suppose to eat and my family knows. Only a handful of my core family knows I am post-op but they are all that matters and that is who will be at the dinner table. So we are good. They have been really supportive. They are making sure I have what I need while I am there! And YES I will be enjoying the holiday! I don’t need a huge ass dinner. I just want to be with my family, that is what matters.

So my journey continues and today I will be picking up some puddin and more soups to get me through these few days before we leave. The funny thing is, it’s only gonna be maybe one or two containers of 16 oz soup.

I am loving my life right now. This was the best Christmas present I could have EVER given myself.

On a side note: I bought an outfit for a show I will be performing in and I look super cute! LOL Don’t spend a lot on clothes, you won’t be in them long.

Clothes Shopping Tips:
1. Shop clearance only.
2. Find a consignment shop so you can take your clothes that are too big there and finance your next size down. (I did this when I had the lapband and it worked perfect)
3. Don’t buy a bunch of shoes! Your feet lose weight too and you may find yourself a size smaller!
4. Try to buy clothes that will shrink with you, try not to buy really fitted clothing during the losing phase.
5. One pair of jeans will last you a little bit so you really don’t need more than one each size down.

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