December 5, 2019

Pre-Op Consultation

Dec 5, 2019

Here we go….
Today I had my pre-op consult at Rose Medical Center in Denver CO. Great people. I loved the talking to everyone. I had my blood drawn, an EKG and a review of everything I need to before surgery.

Then it was off to Dr. Matthew Metz. GOD I LOVE THAT MAN! He really is a caring doctor and full of love for his patients. I am grateful for him and his true concern for my health. Your doctor does make a HUGE difference! If you don’t care for you doctor you need to find another one!

I start my clear liquid diet on Saturday, 2 days before surgery. Yes I know many of you do this long before I am required it. But even when I had my LapBand in 2009 I only had to do 3 days of clear liquids.

I am in a comfy hotel room that has a refrigerator and microwave so I have already purchased some bone broths (I prefer chicken over beef) some protein drinks and tomorrow I will pick up jello.

MY sis is on her way. She will be here on Sunday and I am grateful for her coming to be by my side. (SIDE NOTE: my hubby is totally supportive, he just can’t get off of work since we are going home for Christmas)

On Sunday I need to shower with antibacterial soap and then once again the morning of surgery.

I noticed in some of the support groups people were asking about who used glue and who used staples. My doc does both, he does staples then he used the glue as well.

I have noticed that many people go to our support groups like they are getting advice from a doctor. NONE of us are doctors, we are there to share our experience and everyone’s journey’s are not the same. So please be careful with self diagnosis.

It has been a very long day…on another note I am so thrilled that Denver has really kicked ass on their metro system. I did not have to take UBER or LYFT one time today. It was easy to get to my appointments. I was worried I’d have to rent a car one day, but it does not look like I will have to do that. I was so nervous before I got here but now that I am here and all settled I am feeling pretty calm!

I did not sleep well last night, I think it was a combination of things. I was worried about getting to my appointments and I don’t sleep well when my hubby is not by my side. So tonight I took a sleeping aid (with the permission of my doctor) It’s kicking in now so I bid you goodnight. I will have ore to share soon.

This is gonna bruise pretty bad. It always does. It does not matter how gentle my nurse is, it’s just how my body reacts.

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