October 31, 2019

Surgery Date Is Dec 9, 2019!

Today is a good day! Yesterday I had my phone consultation with my doctor and since I am self pay I can have my surgery as soon as December 9th. I just don’t have the words that show how grateful I am. For years I struggled with the decision to do another surgery or continue to fight on my own with no tool.

I have received the info I need. I am required to do a mental health check and a nutritionist check. I will fly into Denver on Thursday Dec 5th and meet the doctor for the initial check up, then the next day I will go have my EKG at the hospital, then I will have the surgery on that Monday.

I am so excited and so ready. But I have to admit I do have a bit of fear inside this time. Since the band failed I am afraid something else will do me in. I chose the band in 2009 because it was reversible, but this time is different. They will be REMOVING part of my stomach and you can’t go back after that! It’s move ahead and dive in the deep end of the pool!

Since I just recently had my blood work done I was able to give the results to the doc’s office for review.

We are doing this…..shit becomes real when you have a date! So I am looking for flights and hotels and I will be there a full week before I fly back home to Los Angeles.

I have been lurking in the online support groups. Some of them I need to just get out of because people can get so judgemental and negative. I have only found one place I like to visit which is BariatricPal. I also used that years ago when I was banded. It’s funny to go back and look at my previous posts. Most of my friends from that time have had the same issues I have. The band eroded or they had to do a revision for some reason or another. I honesty wonder just how successful it is in the long run. But then again…I have friends who had it in 2000 -2005 and they are doing well. I just think maybe the quality of the band started lacking…but I digress.

Back to me…yes I am being selfish….it’s my day in the sun again and I am more than ready!

Let’s do this!

Photo by Brian Garcia on Unsplash

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