December 7, 2019

The Best Bone Broth!


I found this awesome bone broth today that is the yummiest I have even tasted. Always check with YOUR doctor on if you can use this on your pre-op diet but I’m sure it’s ok post-op.

It is pricey but so worth it when every sip counts. It’s called Epic Artisanal Bone Broth and it comes in several flavors. I first tried the Chicken Homestyle Savory and it was so yummy. It has so much flavor and taste that you can find yourself drinking a cup daily. Which is the purpose, RIGHT? Bone broth is so good for you. Ok, so there is no scientific research saying so but I know when my grandmother made us bone broth it was instantly healing and made us feel better in a snap. I can only go off of what I know for ME, you have to try it for you.

Since I am getting a new tummy with my sleeve I want her to feel warm and cozy so I will be adding a daily cup of bone broth to my diet and my doctor approves.

So I have the Turkey one to try next; it’s called Turkey Cranberry Sage. I know your mouth is watering and maybe since I won’t be eating “Christmas Dinner” I will sit and sip this while everyone else enjoys their plates. I am not bitter about this at all. I am happy I am getting my sleeve done!

I’d say give it a go and at least try it. It cost me $6.99 per jar at Whole Foods and yes I know I can make bone broth at home as well and I will be doing so but for now when I a in a pinch, this will be my go-to brand.

Go check them out on Instagram:

Can’t wait to try the Bison and Beef! See links below on how to order them online.

*This is NOT a paid advertisement, I am just sharing what I have found to be good and helpful in my journey and I am sharing it with you.

Main Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash

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