October 28, 2019

The Horrors Of Relationships

Today I want to talk about how you find out who your real friends are after you lose the weight and get healthy. Oh the truth comes out in the puddin (no pun intended).

In 2010 I had lost all of my weight and I was working in an office with five other women. Here’s how that went before surgery.

Them: You are so cute and you work so hard, we love you. Can you show us how to do…(insert what they wanted here)
Me: Thanks, I sure can help you do that, let me show me


Them: Look at you, you have lost so much weight, you think you are cute now huh?
Me: um no…I’m the same person but less of me
Them: You were so much nicer when you were heavy
Me: Um, I’m the same person but less of me
Them: Why are you taking business from us that you never wanted?
Me: Um, I’ve always done this type of work….How am I taking business from you when you are never here?
Them: You just think you are better than us now
Me: SMH, what the hell just happened!

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was the same person, just 110 pounds less than the year before. I had one girl get so nasty to me that she wanted to FIGHT. Really, we are adults and you acting like a jealous little girl who wants her toys and mine too.

This was horrible, I truly went into my thought closet to see if it was me who changed and done them wrong in some way. But guess what? I was not, I still offered to show them how to do things (when I didn’t have to) I still laughed and enjoyed time with them, I still thought highly of them because I thought they were my friends. But not everyone is your friend and it comes out in the wash when you get your life together. I made myself sick over their comments to me, I worried I did something wrong! I finally took it to my therapist and she said…OH I was waiting for you to hit that part of your journey. It happens more than you know. Boy, you could have knocked me over with a feather! My therapist helped me to work through it and I was so grateful! Some people you have to let go of in your life. Everyone is put in your path for a reason and a season and when my winter turned to spring it was time for them to go.

I know I am going to see this ugliness again after my gastric sleeve and this time I am prepared to protect my world.

Don’t let this fat fool ya….I ain’t weak! This is only for the strong! And I am going to suck the dick!

Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash

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