October 19, 2019

The Journey Starts With One Step…..

In 2009 I chose to get the Lap-Band after two years of research! I was so sexiest. I did everything right! I lost 125 in 9 months. I was the happiest and healthiest I had ever been.

Then disaster struck and I lost my band due to circumstances out of my control. Revision surgery was out of the question at the time. That is all I will be saying about the Lap-Band.

Fast forward to 2019…
After 6 years of depression, crying, dieting, fighting fat, and doing what I could to stay at a healthy weight, it did not work. So here I am again….beginning this journey. This is MY journey. I have decided to proceed with the Gastric Sleeve.

I am a self-pay patient and I will be using the same doctor as I have before. If all goes well I will have the procedure the first week of December. Nope, I do not care that is Christmas time.

I am about 265 pounds as of today (Oct 19, 2019). When I had my first surgery I was 285 pounds. So I managed to NOT get back up that high but if I don’t start now I can see it happening, especially with the holidays around the corner!

I will NOT be telling anyone outside of my core family that I am having this surgery done. I was so vocal about the Lap-Band and when I had to have it removed I was told a lot of “I told you so’s” by people who could not wait to say something negative.

I don’t feel like that again and I just want to be happy. In my opinion, it’s none of anyone else business.

I have contacted my doctor and have a phone consult setup for the end of this month. I have a lot of work to do on this so I am going to share my journey here with you.

Sit back and relax, it’s gonna be a crazy ride!

P.S. Comments I Hated To Hear When I Was Unbanded….
It was unhealthy anyway
You looked just fine, why did you do that?
So just eat like you did when you had the band!
Here, read this book (insert diet book in hand) and you will be fine!
You were too skinny anyway!

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