November 18, 2019

Things I Am Looking Forward To

When I met my goal weight with the LapBand in 2010 I did not realize just how many things I had taken for granted when I was 285 pounds. Here are some things I am looking forward to again.

Tying my shoes without a struggle
Wrapping a towel around me and have it fit!
Shopping in regular sized stores
New photo shoot
Flying and being able to feel comfy in my seatbelt
Working out and not feeling like I can’t breathe
Having a thin face and neck
Feeling good about the way I look
Doing my planned music videos
Crossing My Legs
My boobs fitting in my bra! The side boob is real, and yes I get fitted!
Wearing High Heels
Strapless Sundresses
Having More Energy
Real compliments not wrapped up with fluff
(Ex: you are cute for a big girl)
Looking at my reflection (vain maybe but not really)
A makeover! (got plans for new hairdo)

What are YOU looking forward to?

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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