November 7, 2019

WLS is for the BRAVE!


One thing WLS superheroes hear from others is that “we are taking the easy way out”! Oh my darling I beg to differ! We are stronger and can endure more than most. I’ve been on so many diets I can’t count! I have worked out until I felt I was gonna pass out and hearing someone telling me that I am “CHEATING” or “TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT” of weight loss pisses me off more than I have words for.

This is one of the reasons I will not be telling people about my 2nd surgery. I just don’t feel like hearing the bullshit. It was so interesting how people waited until I was unbanded to finally speak their truths! Oh girl, you didn’t need it anyway. That surgery was a waste of money! Just eat “normal”

People have different struggles. Mine is weight. I know when I had my band I was able to use that tool and create a happy body weight for myself. It’s not as simple seem to think. We face so many demons with our journey’s. Eating addictions, healing from abuse, verbal assaults from people who feel it is their right to call us fat bitches, piggies, fat asses, etc. Or even from people who THINK they are complimenting us! They say things like…Oh, you are so cute for a big girl OR You got a pretty face. Guess what…FUCK YOU and YOU and YOU. Take several seats.

I am brave for facing my demons! I am BRAVE for taking control of my health! I am BRAVE for breaking the mold! I am BRAVE for wanting more our of my ife! I am brave for making sure I turn around and help the next person see the top of the mountain!

I choose life! I choose to be happy in my body and I deserve this cape I wear. Looking forward to my 2nd surgery and getting my life back to HAPPY.

Enjoy the journey!

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Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash

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